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Cannabis massage Delivered to your Home

An alternative healing method through organic topical therapy; great for chronic pain relief, deep relaxation, skin health, and a luxurious at-home experience

Servicing Orange County & Los Angeles areas

Cannabis (THC) and/or Hemp (CBD) infused

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Individual Massage

60 minutes – $135

90 minutes – $180

120 Minutes – $225

An individual cannabis massage session is perfect for those trying out cannabis massage to see if it is the right fit, or for those wanting to indulge in a therapeutic practice for themselves.

Couples Massage

60 minutes – $240

90 minutes – $330

For partners of any kind; if you’re living together or have a visitor over your place, a couples massage is a great split. We can provide a 2nd canna massage therapist to service both at the same time, or 1 therapist is all you need to receive a back-to-back massage.

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County,  and Riverside County

Travel fee may apply outside 30 miles of Garden Grove