High! My name is Bri, short for Brianna. I am a California Certified Massage Therapist who is here to spread awareness about the health benefits of cannabis infused topicals when incorporated with therapeutic massage. My journey began in 2014 when I found Mary Jane Medicinals infused massage oil. Just as a curious stoner, I was looking for an all natural product to try out on friends, family and personal clients just to test the waters of “cannabis massage”; little did I know this was a whole movement waiting to be discovered. As I continued to use this cannabis infused topical I noticed that this oil was contributing to pain relief. After hurting my wrist and stopping massage for a few weeks, I noticed my wrist was not hurting when using this herbal massage oil. It was only until the next day I felt aching from over working it. But the salve was able to take the pain away too. 

I continued my curiosity of Mary Jane’s oils once I saw significant results with my own mother who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016. In pain, stressed and exhausted, her disapproval on cannabis did not stop her from saying yes to trying a “weed” infused massage. I knew my cannabis massage would help, but I did not realize the amount of relief she would actually feel. My wonderful mother was lacking energy, and feeling pain every single day for months yet after trusting my confidence in topical therapy and trying it out for herself, her first massage she received had her pain free for over a week! I continued a weekly massage regimen for her to follow and was ecstatic to see her health improve immensely from this plant incorporated with my profession. So much to the extent of creating the Cannabis Massage Movement. I have then reached out to cannabis patients, kept track of my clients’ wellness, and experimented with different infused topicals for their needs.

My knowledge of cannabis massage grew when I found Jordan Person of Primal Therapeutics out in Denver, Colorado. I attended her first class, Cannabis Massage 101, and recently attended her 102 class in April 2021; which refined all the information I knew about the endocannabinoid system, topical application, benefits of cannabis massage, and the whole side of research being done still.

This, along with my own thawed out trials has kept me up-to-date with education and the ability to provide the best possible service for inquisitive patients questioning CBD or THC massage. Whether it’s for stress relief, pain relief, or something more serious; cannabis and hemp infused massage can provide the wellness your body desires.